Hybrid Solar Wind Renewable Energy

VDX designs, manufactures and distributes hybrid vertical wind turbine with photovoltaic panels suited for small to medium sized, modular and scalable, off grid decentralized power applications. Its patented Darrieus model design and its high efficiency operations are highly competitive for any kind of application especially when coupled the compact, robust and small effective foot print offering.

The company prides as a renewable engineering solutions provider overseeing a wide variety of green energy technologies. 

The company undertakes small and medium scale systems implementations to  large scale projects such as end to end EPCC (Engineering Procurement Construction and Commissioning) for state owned wind farms.

The VDX hybrid approach allows for seamless weather synchronization between solar and wind. Leveraging on its own internet connected smart meters and sensors, energy storage or direct consumption are managed effectively or organically based on the application and user trends. 

With a robust software and analytics back-end, VDX brings a new platform of efficient power generation and power utility, to ensure supply and demand are balanced – even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

The VDX Energy Box

The VDX power box adopts a wind funnelling approach to maximize wind capture, minimizes torque variation and eliminates aerodynamic turbulences.  The box doubles its purpose with sensory decision system to autonomously face incoming winds to effectively generate higher power per wind factor.  Its intelligent in positioning feature also allows the photovoltaic integrated shell to optimally position for higher sun power generation based on real time radiation and cloud conditions.    

With weather data and real time sensory feedback combined with in-built intelligence and analytics controlling and managing the system, the VDX box can decide on its own (ahead of time or impromptu) the best and optimal power generation configuration based on wind direction, wind speed and/or sun positioning with solar irradiation profile. Power generation can be foreseen days and weeks in advance.  

Designed as a light weight, scalable building blocks with the latest industrial materials, VDX provides swift deployment, easy maintenance and hassle free power generation for decades.

Vertical Wind Axis Turbines – The Preferred Off Grid Decentralized System

The wind energy landscape has seen a number of horizontal axis wind turbines, the vertical axis wind turbine has a different set of unique value propositions in the present sustainable and green energy demands.

While the horizontal, propeller type of turbines require a strong, uninterrupted head on luminar air flow to produce electricity, they are also large and high with a typical 120ft to 400ft tall. 

The VDX Energy Box offers a smaller foot print with lower barriers of entry for any private or commercial users.

Designed as a modular, scalable, and off grid solution, the VDX wind turbine box is optimal for 5kW/hour power generation per unit.  It is most competitive in cost per kW of power, with free and ease of maintenance, and durability. 

Energy Management System (EMS)

VDX operates on an open cloud based integration with a user friendly configurable controls systems to allow integration and open data utilization with other 3rd party or user systems.

The utilization of Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Analytics and remote/online monitoring has brought our VDX Energy Box and its EMS to seamlessly aggregate, process and transmit data between tools to monitoring points, surpassing hardware boundaries. 

With the advent of hardware and software, the VDX Analytics is able to provide;

  • Continuous assessment of power and energy data
  • Determine and detect any possible, or actual failure and misnomer of the system
  • Real time reporting, analysis, preventive and proactive analytics of the system and its utilization

Energy Storage Technology

VDX configurable controls systems allow utilization of power as AC or DC directly to user’s systems, or to store the surplus energy in various energy storage banks. 

VDX Energy Box is currently readily integrate-able with Lithium Ion battery packs.

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